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Is coaching right for me?

Coaching is right for you if you not only want to make significant changes in your life but are motivated and committed to do so sooner than later. You must be willing to be honest, open, and able to put in the time and effort to achieve your happiness goals. If you feel uncertain or stuck, if you are tired of not living up to your potential, or if want to go farther faster then coaching is the right solution for you.

Who is the expert in a coaching session? 

You are always the expert in a coaching session. Don’t be alarmed by this… be excited, or at least intrigued. Here’s the truth: you are the only expert on You in the entire world. No one else knows you better than You. If you want to create the life that you’ve always wanted, then jump into the driver’s seat and grab the wheel. I’m here to co-pilot you towards your goals. Our journey together will be challenging, fun, and ultimately more fulfilling than anything you could have imagined by going it alone.

What’s the difference between a therapist and a coach? 

A therapist is someone who is trained in dealing with a range of psychological issues that often stem from issues in the past, whether recent or from childhood. A coach is someone who focuses on the future by helping you clarify your goals; assess your strengths, weaknesses, experiences, talents, purpose, and habits; and, then guides you in the direction of your goals in the most direct, personally crafted way. 

Is happiness coaching for me if I’m depressed? 

Yes. It is absolutely fine to work with me while you are receiving any medical care or psychological treatment for clinical depression.  

Does having a “happiness” coach mean there is something wrong with me?

Actually quite the opposite. Most high-performers—athletes, artists, CEOs, and world leaders—have coaches. Some even have multiple coaches to help with specific niche goals.

Do I need a “big” problem to solve or a “lofty” goal to achieve?

Not at all. You don’t need to have a “big” problem or a “lofty” goal to be coached. Sometimes being in a rut, underwhelmed, or numb is enough motivation to want more and to be happier. Maybe you’re wondering if your best days have passed you by or you don’t know who you really are now that the kids have grown up and left home. Or maybe you just want more clarity, energy, or a fulfilling hobby. Happiness coaching can help you achieve even the most modest goals.

What’s your coaching process like?

Get ready to talk… a lot. We will work to identify your strengths, weaknesses, limiting beliefs, and obstacles in order to create clarity. Together we will design strategies that will inspire, motivate, and propel you forward with confidence towards your unique vision of happiness and success. Along the way I’ll need to ask you a lot of questions that you need to answer thoughtfully and honestly. You will also have homework that you will be required to complete. And don’t worry, this is all done in a safe, supportive environment where I will provide feedback, clarity, and encouragement.

Why is there homework?

You are embarking on a journey from who you are now to who you want to be tomorrow. This requires change and change requires action. Homework is the action needed to be successful on your journey. The homework is tailored to you and is based on your personality, current situation, and level of commitment. It will be aligned with your goals and designed to strategically stretch you at a pace that is right for you.


What results can I expect? 

Results are as individualistic as the people I coach. So while I can’t promise any specific results, I can promise to honour who you are at every stage of your journey and hold you accountable as I push you to stretch beyond the limits of your status quo in the direction of your happiness goals.


How long does the process take? 

Because the coaching process depends on so many factors it is impossible to answer definitively. If you’re someone with more time, energy, confidence, and are comfortable with change, you will likely achieve your goals more quickly than someone who has less time, is less committed, and is less comfortable with change. There is no right or wrong way. The only important thing is that you move in the direction of your goals at your own pace. 

How important is finding the right coach? 

It is critical. Finding a coach that you like, trust and are comfortable with is what will allow a collaborative coaching experience to flourish. You need to feel safe enough to be honest and vulnerable. Only by exposing your true self to the coaching process will you have authentic results that will lead to an amazing and happy life.


Can’t I just coach myself or have a friend coach me?

Yes. If this strategy actually worked in the past then go ahead and use it again. If it didn’t consider the following:

Coach myself

Did you have any luck sitting on your own and trying to intuitively pull out the answers?  Or did you read a book and find that it wasn't the right resource for the result you wanted? Did you know how to interpret and adapt what you read in the book to have it work for you?

Did you actually achieve your dream, or is it a lesser version of what you were hoping for? Did it seem to take f-o-r-e-v-e-r? Regardless of how disciplined, motivated, committed, and self-aware you are, coaching will help you not only reach your goals but to do so sooner than later.

Have a friend coach me

Does your friend have the skills and aptitude to help you achieve your goals? And if so, at what pace? Are you able to be completely vulnerable with your friend? Is your friend able to be completely honest and objective with you?

Do you coach more than one person at a time? 

I will coach two people at once but this type of session is usually reserved for couples or family members.

Do you coach children? 

No. I work exclusively with adults.

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