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Charles B., Gabriola Island, Canada

As somebody who thought he really needed a team of therapists working around the clock in order to feel happy again, I can say that my one hour a week with Zoe has been nothing short of miraculous. She nurtures, encourages, and cheerleads with the kind of soul-touching empathy that only someone who must have experienced the very darkest end of life’s tunnel could. So she doesn’t just “get it”. She knows how to help me move forward to a place I didn’t even know existed. And it’s not just the usual airy fairy “well, how do you feel about that?” Zoe has given me real, honest, useable advice—coupled with easy daily practices to keep myself centred and balanced. Above all, she genuinely cares about bringing more happiness into the world. And she’s the right kind of guide to get others there, because she’s had to work so hard at it herself. So, would I recommend her as a happiness coach? Would a drowning man recommend oxygen?

Geraldine M., Wales, United Kingdom

I look forward to coaching with Zoe every week, she truly is a happiness coach! She helps me to look at challenges with fresh eyes and gives me a whole new perspective on them. She is my accountability coach and as such has helped me enormously to move toward my goal of quitting work by Christmas and becoming a full-time property investor! I have completed so much more than I would have without her. When I have come up short of my weekly goals, we have looked at what might be holding me back, Zoe has dealt with this in a kind but firm way, encouraging me to explore areas of my personality that might have eluded me otherwise. She is wise, funny and the more sincere person you could hope to meet.

Zubin M., Calgary, Canada

Like many people in this world, I have had my fair share of hardships (multiple divorces, family alcoholism). Going through such challenges can be one of the loneliest experiences in someone’s life. I am forever grateful to have Zoe in my life through all of these difficult times. She is exceptionally intuitive, non-judgmental, and speaks with kindness always. I felt like I was not alone. Without pushing her own opinions, she was able to help me navigate my feelings, understand my truth, and be comfortable to accept it. Though my involvement with her, I feel like I have a clearer sense of who I am and what my needs are. I am better able to eliminate the superfluous and focus on what really matters to me. Thank you Zoe!

Nabiha I., New Jersey, United States

Before I met Zoe I had a hard time articulating my thoughts.  My mind was racing a lot and I had a hard time slowing my thoughts down. I was trying to gain clarity within myself and my thoughts but I didn’t know how to be more aware of my intuition and how to tap into it. I felt like I was going through my issues alone and I tried to figure it out by myself.  


Upon meeting Zoe, I honestly felt like I found my soul sister. She provided me a safe space and listened with her heart. She helped me be more aware of when my thoughts were racing and when and how to slow down. She calmed all the static I had constantly buzzing around in my head and most importantly she helped me realize the importance of celebrating my accomplishments. 


Zoe also provided me with structure in areas of my life where I wasn’t aware I needed it! I’m braver and have become true to myself, who I am and how to embrace everything that I have ever experienced. Zoe showed me tools to use to help me feel empowered and is full of refreshing ideas that move and sing to my heart and soul.


I love the changes I see and how much more in tune I am with myself; imagine what she could do for you!

Heidi L., Calgary, Canada

Before beginning my sessions with Zoe, I struggled putting my goals and aspirations into any kind of actionable plan. I felt a bit rudderless. I did not hold myself accountable for my inaction and indecision. I waited for things to happen to me rather than instigating the change I wanted to see in my life.  I had bought a variety of daily planners, calendars and self help books that I never cracked the spine on. Basically I ignored my issues hoping that I would one day wake up with excellent time management skills and self-awareness. This didn’t happen. However, I did have the remarkable opportunity to work with Zoe, which was a game changer.  I looked forward to my time with Zoe. It was energizing and allowed me to decompress but also really focus on a few key goals and outcomes I wanted to achieve. Zoe brought positivity back into my life.  After working with Zoe throughout the year, I felt empowered. I had tools to help me sift through what was holding me back from actuating certain things in my life. I made changes, some big, some small, that allowed me to find more balance in my work, personal and home life. I would recommend Zoe to those searching for a coach who is supportive, empathetic and motivating. She had an intuitive approach, guiding me to find and create a realistic path to achieve my goals. I couldn’t be more happy with my progress to date.

Hazel B., Calgary, Canada

During my time of recovery from a very serious and traumatic health issue I was approached by Zoe to provide guidance and direction. The true benefits for my recovery have come from weekly check-ins, my completing any agreed assignments, and receiving weekly feedback on my progress. I feel blessed for having been guided toward my continued purpose and path in such a positive approach. I am thankful for how Zoe Pink shares her gifts and talents through individual coaching. It is truly a blessing for which I am extremely grateful!

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